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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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    Since 1992, Bo Zhang has made great contributions to China's national defense industry and fulfilled the dream of becoming a powerful country. In 2002, Bozhang officially entered the chlor alkali industry and is determined to be a world-class enterprise and complete the dream of world Bozhang. In the ten years of pursuing dreams, there has been a great dream hidden in my heart, which has not been spread, and I have been concentrating on pursuing dreams and making world-class products. Today, when Bozhang stands at the top of the industry with leading international standards, it can finally express the dream of becoming a powerful country and the Chinese dream from the perspective of enterprises. This dream will evolve the enterprise into a platform to build a dream and realize it together with Bozhang people with the same dream.
    National industrial world Bo Zhang Tongxin builds the Chinese dream
    Interpretation: national industry is the backbone of a country. Great enterprises share weal and woe with great motherland. We do not forget our original intention, carry the dream of the prosperity of a big country, shoulder the responsibility and mission of the rise of a big country, and let the national industry stand on the top of the world.
    Bozhang enterprise slogan
    Create, change the world, innovate and lead the future
    Bozhang dream my dream
    Strive to be first-class employees, create first-class products and share first-class achievements with first-class enterprises.
    Bozhang enterprise vision
    Leading the intelligent production of chemical industry.
    Turn the chemical industry into a green forest.
    Bozhang enterprise spirit
    Aim high and have a great mind.
    Bozhang enterprise mission
    Create a new era of intelligent chemical industry.
    Bozhang business philosophy
    Quality is the ultimate goal of our survival and our common pursuit.
    Bozhang enterprise values
    Thanksgiving music helps to be tenacious and outstanding.

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